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So my alexander arms upper with an AA bolt 10.5" is short stroking.

I don't know perhaps overpowered spring, i didn't purchase it, i had a t7-z2 4.1 ounce tungsten powder buffer.

I purchased a regular 3.8 ounce H buffer.

I shot it with militec, then grease (cycled faster) still short stroked when it locked open on the last round it caught on the follower! not the bolt catch.

Things of note compared to the USMC m4s/a4s the bolt is hard to get into the bolt carrier group the gas rings kinda seem to stand off further off the bolt. the bolt cam pin seems tight as crap. yeah it could be just the way AA does things to make it match grade but seems rough.

Help? Suggestions ideas thoughts? I plan on getting a suppressor down the road and I get that will make it cycle further but I want my hog rifle to work now.:???: I'm annoyed.
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