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Shield taco IWB from Sentry Gun Leather for sale

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This is a real nice holster, but recently i found OWB works best for me.I have an OWB from Sentry and i love it.I started out thinking IWB was the way to go but switched to the OWB.It's just more comfortable for me.

Great quality kydex holster with a thick leather belt loop.Sorry for no pics(my camera blows), but you can check it out on Shaun's website.Paid $40 a few months ago and only used it a couple times.Looks like he's updated his site since then.

Instinct ADX Appendix Concealment Holster | Sentry Gunleather

Any questions, feel free to PM me.I just don't wanna have it sitting around with the other holsters in my drawer.This could go to good use unlike my other ones.Thanks!
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