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I have been wanting a Colt 1911 series 70. I came accross a decent deal on a Colt Gunsite Pistol (series 70) so I am buying it tonight. I probably will not be able to shoot it until next weekend, but I will have it. It is a the blued carbon steel version.

Now I have to decide if I ever want to IWB it or not... I usually carry a XD9SC.

some details about the Colt Gunsite...

The Colt Gunsite model is truly a shooter's firearm. Much time and effort have been spent in developing every detail of this fine, innovative firearm. The joint effort, led by Colt's LtGen William M. Keys USMC (Ret) and Gunsite's Owen Buz Mills and Col. Bob Young USMC(Ret), brings to market another contribution to Colt's legacy of producing 1911 series handguns.

  • Series 70 firing system
  • Smith & Alexander metal grip safety with palm swell
  • Serrated flat mainspring housing <LI class=gunshopfinder2>Dehorned all around
  • Thin rosewood grips
  • Gold Cup serrations on front strap
  • Heinie front and Novak rear sights
  • Short aluminum trigger with 4 &#8211; 41&#8260;2 lb pull
  • Wilson extended safety lock
  • Two 8-round Wilson magazines w/metal base plate
  • McCormick hammer and sear

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The Colt Gunsite is an awesome pistol, and I'm a big fan of Colt 1911's in general. As far as carry though, I'll only use a series 80 gun for that. This is because of the trigger operated firing pin block. Even if the hammer falls, a series 80 cannot fire unless the trigger is pulled. A series 70 will fire if the hammer falls for any reason on a loaded chamber. I had a problem with my Gold Cup Trophy where the hammer would occasionally fall when the thumb safety was disengaged! It didn't fire. A series 70 would have. Colt replaced the sear, and I haven't had that happen since. I can only imagine the horror in a CCW situation, where you are holding someone at gunpoint and you flick off the thumb safety and BOOM! I love series 70 guns, and lots of people do carry them, but I'll only have an 80 in my waistband (when my XD45c isn't in there!) Just food for thought!

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