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I went to my local gun store and purchased an XD-40SC in black!!! :mrgreen:
When I purchased my XD-9 I said that it would be the last gun for a year.

I had the tell tale little signs of rust show up on my XD-9 and said screw it. I was going to send it back to SA but from what I understand Rich @ Canyon Creek does better work hands down. SA's current turnaround time is also 10 friggin' weeks. :roll:
I am having him do the "Fusion Finish" with a couple of custom touches for me. I am also having him do a full trigger job on it as well.

I started thinking about the wait to get it back and I got really bummed out so I went and bought the .40 SC.
My local gun store www.popguns.com had it in stock. They had it listed for $479. I talked them down to $459 which isnt great but isnt horrible.

On the upside it did come in the NEW SA case with a High-cap mag with sleeve and two standard mags as well as a SA belt holster.

I'm really happy about my purchase even though I havent been able to fire round 1 through it yet. I won't be able to get to the range until Sunday so I'm counting down the hours. :(

I will be sure to post pics of my 9 when I get it back.

As soon as I get the 9 back the .40 is headed to Ajames for a set of Meprolights and a new finish for the slide....I'm not even going to wait for it to rust at his prices.

I am putting more time/money/effort into my 9 as I will use it as my primary CCW but the .40 needs some special attention too.

Stay tuned for pics of the new improved XD-9

If you are curious about the "Fusion Finish" here is a link to a couple of pics.
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