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Hey gang,

I have 7 2009 2nd Amendment "gun dollars" and am considering selling them to help pay for the cost of my wife and I to get our CWP's and all the
things that go along with CWP (like holsters, self defense ammo, etc..)

Budsgunshop.com is selling these for $79 each with a little plastic stand and bag and these are selling for up to $99 each on Ebay. They are really a beautiful piece and would come in handy if/when the SHTF.

2009 Gun Dollar $79.00

Priced to sell:

$75 for just 1
$73 each for 2
$71 each for 3
$70 each for 4 or more

$4.00 flat rate shipping or Free shipping if you buy 4 or more!

Thanks for looking! :D
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