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Well, went to the show today (City Center attached to the Sheraton). Not the best show I've been to, not the worst either. 95% of what was for sale was gun related, a nice change from the beanie babies, dental picks, beef jerky and post card collections which seem to dominate many shows.

A couple of good deals to be found. Mostly on ammo. I bought two 50 round boxes of 9mm Speer Gold Dot 147 grain +p for $30 including tax. I got a manual for my PA63 and a great deal on ammo cans. Guy there who buys them by the truck load. In minty shape and cheap. Three 30 cal cans for $6 including tax. I also picked up a mortar can for $10.

All in all, not a bad show, and if you are within an hour or so of the area, it would be a decent way to spend tomorrow afternoon.

BTW, did everyone notice that I once again blazed the trail by being the firt to post to this lillypad...
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