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Well, here goes....

I have a 1st Generation Sig P239 SAS in 9mm.
All 1st Gen SAS P239s have DAK triggers.
The SAS features the dehorned slide and the custom shop logo.

This pistol was manufactured on January 9, 2008.
It was originally two tone.

This pistol comes with:
The original case and paperwork (no lock)
2 mags finished in CCR's Cerahide House Black
Nill DAK wood grips and screws
Houge rubber grips
Steve Bedair stainless guide rod - stock rod included
Allen head screws (Ceraplated) and original stock grip screws

I had CCR Ceraplate (electroless nickel) the following;
Slide, controls (except the hammer), barrel, Steve Bedair guide rod, locking insert, and grip screws.
The frame was done in CCR's Cerahide in House Black, as was the hammer and 2 magazines.

This pistol has fed, fired, and ejected any ammo I've run through it.
The barrel feed and locking insert ramps are both polished.

Not a scratch on the frame or slide.
The top of right edge of the slide has some tiny wear marks that you wouldn't see unless you really looked for them.

I'd guess the total round count at around 550 to 650.
About 200 before the refinish.
The barrel has barely worn with the Ceraplate on it.
The frame rails show no wear at all.
Night sights still have some glow to them.

Asking $600 FTF in the DFW Texas area for the package.
There will be a $40 shipping fee if I have to ship it.
Cash if FTF.
Discreet PayPal or USPS money order if shipped.
Reasonable offers considered.

PM me for info.
I have 25 pics for this sale.
PM me your email address if you want them all.

Thank you....1LL


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these are great CCW handguns. Have owned 3 over the years in different calibers. Maybe you want my 1911 Sig C3
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