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SA XD 9mm Slide Mod

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I've decided to upgrade my XD 9mm.
The std iron sites are decent but, I think I've found a better rear site.
Meprolight's FT Bullseye.
It actually replaces the rear iron site with a fiber tritium optical site that is so small it wont hang up in your pocket or holster.
I think I'll leave the front site on for now as a witness but, just playing around with it, it doesn't look like I'll need it.
Stay tuned for follow up report.

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Should be interesting
So, kind of like a P365 SAS?
I’ve got a 365 sas, and find the sights very hard to acquire quickly, these do look a lot like them. Hopefully having the front sight on still may make it easier for you to pick them up.

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I almost pulled the trigger on the same exact sight system. Il be looking forward to your review
Here it is finished.
Very natural and pick up is fast with both eyes.
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I have the P365 sas and really like the system. I'm curious if I'll like the new version that is designed to replace the front sight even better.
Reporting on my FT Bullseye site add.
  • Day light & no light works great, low light is not as distinct.
  • Front site requirement / need is gone.
  • Two eyes open seems much more natural and faster than my Optic red dots. (could be the framing factor)
  • For a low light situation, having the red dot laser hung below while using the FT Bullseye seems to work nicely.

I like it and until something comes out better, It will be my first choice for "augmented site installation."
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