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SA 16 round mags for XD-9

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Came across the 16 rounders at MidwayUSA.com and ordered one. It was on backorder and wasn't due till the end of the month, but lo and behold it showed up in my mailbox today (how often does that happen?) Anyway These 16 rounders seem pretty outstanding in fit and finish. I really like the count holes on the back like the Glock and HK mags have, and it looks a lot nicer on this stainless mag. Anyway, Midway is selling them for 19 bucks if anyone is inerested.
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You're right, too good to pass up! My XD came with two sixteen-rounders, but a third would be nice, as I've been using a Fobus two-mag pouch. Brilliant, thanks for the heads-up. :)

You quite welcome. Midway has great service too.
:) Just a heads-up for folks who don't often order online. Beware of hidden charges. Well, not so much hidden, it comes with ordering online. But between tax, a handling charge because my order was under $25, and shipping costs, it ended up coming out to $32. I figure, if anyone sees these same mags in a local store for under $30, grab them - it would likely be more to order them online.

I didn't pay tax but with shipping & handling it came to 25 bucks. There is no tax unless you live in the same state as the company your ordering from. I take it you must be in the same state?
Sure don't. I was just looking at it in retrospect and trying to figure out why it came out to $32. So, if there wasn't any tax on it - quite a jump from a $19 product price. :)

I noticed a big difference in UPS shipping and USPS. I did USPS and it was only 2 bucks, and it was very fast. UPS is way more expensive. I wonder if that could be it :?:
Good call. To be honest, I wasn't being a very responsible shopper - I just skimmed down the shipping prices and glanced over, "Two-day, next day," etc. without really comparing the difference in price between the two services offered (UPS and USPS). Ah, well. Live and learn. :lol:

I appreciate your continued help in the mystery of the price jump!

LOL. I knew something was afoot. Glad the mystery is solved :lol: .
I thought that I read on the forum recently that
Ajames has mags. Anyone heard?

So those are blued/parkerized 16 rounders marked as Springfield mags? I didn't know they existed!
They're stainless. I think it's just the lighting.

jedi573 said:
They're stainless. I think it's just the lighting.

Ahh, I see now. When did they start offering 16 rounders vs. the old 15 rounders I have?

Thanks in advance,
boricua9mm said:
the old 15 rounders I have?
I feel the same way. I ordered mine back in May I think. Oh well. If I need 15+1 and another 15, I'm in deep doo doo.
Actually, the sixteen-rounders are older, from what I understand. Back when they were introducing the XD, the first company they used for the mags made them sixteen's - they switched vendors and they're fifteen's now. I haven't tried the fifteen-round ones, but the sixteen's function fine, so I don't think it was a reliability issue for changing.

Just got my mag from midway ordered it on thursday got it monday great service and very fast. also to my surprise i can get 17 rounds in the 16 round mag just fine and all functions great. Happy xd shooter here :D
The 16 round 9mm mags are now shipping. The sleeved versions are also 16 rounds now.
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