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ok your average tula milsurp is
122 grain copper jacket lead core in steel casings
beyond that I cant find any ballistics info on them here is probably the closest you'll find unless you can find someone with a chronograph and ballistics grade pressure plate.

american eagle 124gr fmj
vel muzzle 2350 100y 2078 200y 1824 300y 1593
FTLBs muzzle 1520 100y 1189 200y 916 300y 701
wind drift 100y 1.5 200y 6.0 300y 14.7
zero at 100y will drop 6.7 at 200y and 23 inches at 300y
that's from the ballistics charts at federalpremium.com and that's much better ammo than your average spam can tula ammo but I'd say probably 50fps slower at all ranges and probably 25 ftlbs+10 for every 100 yards would probably give you a good guesstimate.
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