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I'm selling my 22/45 it drives me nuts, having it in the pelican case with 5 MKIIIs, people keep getting the mags mixed up. So my logistical problem is your perfect pistol.

Its the lightweight model, polymer lower, fluted barrel, threaded muzzle with muzzle cap. One scratch shown in picture.

Approximately 1200 rounds through it, aka broken in

I have a holster (if you look at the holster its set up for the 7" barrel, this is the 4" we debated cutting 3" off of it, you can if you want) a fobus double mag pouch (if you prefer a custom kydex I can substitute as we have some of those as well)

Pistol, with holster mag pouch and 2 mags $420
Additional mags at $20 a piece. Won't sell more than 2 seperately if they don't go with it, its nice to have 2 spares in my cleaning kit for students with 22/45s.

If you need .22 ammo WITH THE PISTOL ONLY I will sell you up to 4 winchester 550 ct boxes at $30 each. If you need a box of something higher velocity I'll see what I can do.

I'm always looking for trades.
Currently looking for:
9mm plinking ammo
A turret reloading press
223/556 ammo
Glock 17 mags/holsters
Red dots
A revolver
Eye pro high end or bulk box
Surefire lights
Magpul shotgun furniture
Very lightweight ar15 rails (ALGS/MI keymod/BCM)
Ar15 triggers

Throw it at me, worst I can say is no.

I"m between carbondale and St louis

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