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Hi friends. I have a new Ruger p94 and i have fired around 450 shots with it. I need to now disassemble the magazines to clean them. I have those 10 round magazines and i have absolutely no idea as to how to disassemble them. The manual on the net says that i have to punch the small rod/bar between the magazines ends to disassemble it but i still dont understand how to punch it and from which end should i punch it. Also i dont know how i would have to insert it back into the magazien in order to assemble it after cleaning it. Can anyone help me explain this please? Thanks, also i wud greatly appreciate if anyone has a digital camera or a video camera and make a video or take pics while disassembling it? i wud really really REALLy appreciate this. Thanks everybody.

PS. i would greatly, GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY appreciate if anyone could help me with this. I have the manual and i dont think that that information is sufficient enough for me to disassemble those mags without screwing em up.
Please help me.

Thank u So very much in advance
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