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Roll Call from "Gun Owner's Hell".....New Jersey.

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I'm just curious to see how many on this forum are from the land of gay govnors, and liberal politicains.... :roll:

You know you're special when the NRA tags your home state with a label like...Gun Owner's Hell.....

I live in the Atlantic City area...(exit #30 on the GSP)...and I shoot at the Atlantic County Firearms Training Facility in Egg Harbor Township.

For a little history on this place.....All of the law enforcement agencies in Atlantic County, and a few from Cape May County used to do all their firearms training at the Atlantic City Police Training Facility. This is the famous "H" track that was sold to casino interests, and now houses the new Borgata Casino Hotel. Back in the early '90's when it was decided to sell off this track of land, it left the area LEA's scrambling for a new firing range.
They found the only available land in an area in Egg Harbor Township that was designated for County Parks use only. Then they applied for state "Green Acres" funding to build this range, and because they used park property, and Green Acres money, they had to make this facility available to the general public. So it's used durring the week for LEO training, and open to the public on weekends and minor holidays.

It includes a 100 yard rifle range with a covered shooting area, a 40 possition, 75 yard pistol range that includes two steel plate racks, and a variety of steel combat poppers, plus steel target stands for punching paper. There's a secondary pistol range for special events, and compitions. We presently have monthly Speed Dot shoots, two Bullseye compitions (spring & fall), and they plan to also hold pin shoots, IDPA style compitions, and possibly a modified CAS shoot.

The rules are kinda strict here, but the trade-off is a well run, and most importantly, a very safe place to shoot. There are no caliber restrictions, and you can shoot pretty much anything as long as it's not class III.
Membership requires you take a range orientation class, either proof of an NRA safety class, or you must take one there. If you wish to holster, you must take a holstering seminar, but once you get through all the safety hoops, and prove to the range officers that you're not an idiot, they pretty much leave you alone to shoot, and only step in if they see you doing something stupid.
$20.00 per year, and $8.00 per hour for County residents, and $35.00 per year, and $12.00 per hour for non-residents...(and that hourly rate is subjective since they usually don't enforce the time element)

So, who else is from The Democratic People's Republic, and where do you shoot........?
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It's amazing to me how un-American some states are getting. I know we all have different agendas, but good Lord.
Communist Russia, or Nazi Germany seems to keep leaving peoples minds....
Guns cause crime like damn flies cause garbage
Damn, that is expensive. I pay $100/year and get to use my range as often as I want, just no .50 BMG. I know my brother has problems as the range in his area of NJ closed down years ago. I offered to "store" his guns for him here in gun friendly WA state. He says he would can not get out here to shoot often enough, so he still has them rusting away somewhere in north NJ.
I am from NJ! Used to live down in teh Ocen City area (Tuckahoe to be exact. MOved to McGuire till my dad retired, then moved to Haddon Twp. (next to Cherry Hill and Collingswood). I miss NJ a lot, but I did get to enjoy a nice visit there last weekend, but unfortunetly, had to leave my XD here in Alabama. Tonymig, have you ever heard of a sub-shop called the Whitehouse Sub Shop? God I miss that place. When my dad came backfrom Desert Storm, they made him a 6ft Italian Sub, and then hung his picture next to the register. Damn I miss good food.
Hey Frantic City!!!!!

another Jiosey boi callin out!

I'm north, up in Bergen county, right by the GWB.

Dammit I hate this state! :evil: :evil: :evil:

If I had my drothers, I'd be living in NH. Lookin' at properties as we speak. if things work out, and I buy one with land, I'll have my own range!

Do you ever get to Millville to shoot. Gotta luv doin Hi-Power rifle at 600 yards :twisted:
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Chalk me up in NJ as well. I finally got my purchase permit today (a grand total of 50 weeks after applying.) I headed straight over to Ray's on Rt. 22 in Springfield and picked up my XD40 Service. I'll eventually get that GAP Tactical, they're extremely hard to come by right now.

P.S. Those mags are some tough little SOB's to load by hand. I'll finally have to invest in a loader.
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i have a love hate relationship with living here in the peoples republic east. i live in northwest jersey, a far cry from new york city so i don't really experience the urban sprawl thing. i take a two lane rd to work every day and when it's nice all i ride is my bike to work. it really is nice around here 3 seasons a year. you can keep the winter though. as far as being a gun owner........it sucks. over restriction. stupid laws by corrupt lying politicians. i can't stand it. if i didn't have kids i would've been out of here long ago. as it stand i'll probably be moving to PA next year anyway so it should be a little bit better. there is NO PLACE TO SHOOT AROUND HERE! i have to drive almost an hour to go to ray's on 22 in plainfield just to shoot inside and i can't shoot a rifle bigger than .22 unless it's chambered for pistol cartridges. and then i'm not even sure i can shoot .357 or .44 i think you can only shoot .38 and .44 specials. 30-30?.... .223 .....7.62? nope. the worst part is there is a private club not 1 mile from my house but you have to be a member or know somebody who is and to be a member it's over $300 just to join and then like $175 a year after that. granted, they do have an indoor and outdoor range plus shotgun skeet trap and the like but with 3 kids and an ex-wife there's not a lot of fun money to go around..................................... :D
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I am from NJ! Used to live down in teh Ocen City area (Tuckahoe to be exact.
03RangerXLT......I'm a professional fire fighter/EMT for the City of Ocean City, and a graduate of Ocean City High School class of '75. I went to school with a lot of guys from Tuckahoe.
And yes I do know about White House Subs, I try and get there a couple times a year for one of those foot long Eyetalian sandwichs, only problem is you take your life in your hands just trying to get into A.C., and there's never any place to park your car once you get there.....

Do you ever get to Millville to shoot. Gotta luv doin Hi-Power rifle at 600 yards
EX_DE-NYN.....there's a waiting list a mile long to join that range, it's the best in all of south jersey, but somebody has to die before you move up the list.
I do buy all my guns and reloading supplies from Butch's in Vineland, quaint little shop with the lowest prices around, and Butch is a good dude to deal with.

This state does suck for the stupid and conflicting gun control laws they have, but at least it's not as bad as Cal, or Mass.....we can still buy Glocks and 15 round mags if we want them....of course that could change at a moment's notice.
We have a saying around here....If you don't like the laws or the weather in New Jersey, just wait 15 minutes, they are both bound to change".......
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Union County, NJ here and just like most people I drive 30-40 minutes to go to Ray's on 22 in N Plainfield. Also where I purchased my XD.

There is a closer range to me in Springfield. Union County Pistol Range. It doesn't open until April. It is an outdoor pistol range and is run by the Sherriff's Dept. Can't wait for that to open. I believe it is only $5 an hour.

No place around here to shoot a real rifle though. Only .22's. Anyone close to Rt. 80 by PA can go to Sunset Hill Shooting Range. I just went there today. They rent all kinds of guns: AR-15, Ak-47, SKS, M1, etc. http://www.sunsethillrange.com/
Formerly from NJ. Moved away in 82 after graduating college. I grew up in Westfield, which is just down the road from Ray's on Rt 22 which several of you mentioned. Westfield is where they film the tv show "ED" if any of you have seen it.

Back in the 60s we used to run around with bb guns, but they were supposed to be registered and so the police ended up taking them away. I didn't own a "real" gun until I moved away.

These days I get back for a week in the summer for an annual family reunion in Stone Harbor, exit 10 on the Parkway. There's nothing I miss about NJ except the shore. All 4 seasons at the shore are great! We used to hang out at Point Pleasant when I was in high school, and special trips (like after the prom) would take us to Long Beach Island or Island Beach State Park.
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Lived in NJ from 1971 to 1983 near Princeton. Was nice place to grow up but I am gald to be in the Pacific Northwest now. I know about the gun woes there as my brother still live in the Peoples Democratic Republic of NJ. I keep telling him, move west young man, even though he is older then me.
These days I get back for a week in the summer for an annual family reunion in Stone Harbor, exit 10 on the Parkway.
Fly-Sig....Stone Harbor and Avalon are about the only two communities left here on the south Jersey seashore that I still like. Casinos have destroyed the quaintness this area had up until the late 70's -early 80's when people started to move here in droves to cash in on the casion industry. Stone Harbor and Avalon passed a bunch of building and developement laws that restricted hotel, motel, condo & duplex building. Ocean City, Sea Isle, and Cape May got way over developed and crowded, Wildwood is Camden with a beach, but Stone Harbor and Avalon are the best places to spend your summer vacation.
Yeah, Stone Harbor and Avalon are pretty nice places. But they've built up a lot and Stone Harbor has gone waaay upscale.

I remember back in the late 60's and early 70's it was a normal family town. There were a couple of surfboard shops, where they manufactured boards and catered to surfers. Nowadays you can't even find a place to rent a surfboard. If you look up "Surf Shop" in the yellow pages there are several listings, but they don't have anything to do with surfing. They sell the usual variety of swimsuits and doodads.

Stone Harbor used to only go down to the Convent and everything south of that was undeveloped. The bakery is gone, But Springer's still has long lines for icecream, and Uncle Bill's still has the best breakfast in town.
Tony Mig! You know anybody by the last name of battersby or Armand?both my parents went to highschool there around that same time period i believe.

I miss home a lot by the way. I really really really want a good cheesesteak, or a sub, or a pizza, or a wawwa hoggie... damn
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