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Thanks to all of you that have been asking. Now you can get it! RPD will come to you!!!

Dave and the instructors of RPD are looking to come to your facility or club to train YOU! Look over the website and decide the training class that you would like to have and let us know. There are some classes that can be customized to your needs or wishes as well. Want a Defensive handgun class with some handgun retention? How about partner tactics? Maybe a combative pistol type class? All you have to do is ask. Dave and the trainers at RPD have a wide and varied background. There is a lot more than what is on the site that we can train you in.

The costs are low, the class minimum size is reasonable, and all you, as the host, have to do is arrange the location, get people to commit, and you train for free!!!!

Contact Dave with any questions at [email protected]
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