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While I have I never had issues with the standard BCG, I'm always looking for something new to blow my money on.

So I was thinking why not give a NiB plated carrier a try. I researched a number of vendors, Fail Zero, Spikes, AR performance and a few other I can't remember. I like the concept of taking a surface treatment used in aerospace, heavy industry and motor sports crossing over into my favorite, shooting sports.
In my search I ran across favorable reviews on several black rifle/ carbine sites. Other than questionable extractor springs (I always replace mine with Spring Co upgrade kits anyways) they are gtg. Has all the check marks, military contractor made, 158 carpenter steel, MP tested (don't know if that is individual or batch) and so on. per a sales rep with AIM.
I know run as fast as you can aways from RGuns.net, I've read the horror stories intersperced with good reviews of their business practices. I've ordered from them before and have never had a problem.
I ordered through AIM b/c they were selling them for $25 cheaper.
Upgraded the extractor spring and added a permapin. Only had time to run a little over 90 rnds dry but for $150 I'm happy. Will it hold up for the long term only time will tell.

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