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Zombie Tactical Outfitter (Zombie Tactical Outfitters Webstore)

I recently started shooting (or trying to shoot) in competitions (IDPA, Zombie, etc.) I have leather gear and am noticing that Kydex is the way to go. So I would ask around at the competitions, where did you get your holster? Majority of the answers were Blade-tech or Comp-tac. So I would ask is there anyone locally that makes holsters. I got the answer Zombie Tactical Outfitter (ZTO).

So I looked them up.

It’s run by a local (Raleigh, N.C.), and I like to support my local businesses. He makes the holsters in his home, and is retired military. I was looking for a complete set of new gear to replace my leather for competitions, and an IWB holster for my P239 for another carry option.

So I got a paddle holster for my P229 and two mag pouches as well as the IWB holster for my P239 and two mag pouches for it.

The paddle holster:

This holster uses a Blade-tech paddle, and pressure in the trigger guard to hold the gun in place. You can turn it upside down and shake it and it will not fall out. The draw is fast, smooth, and effortless. The weekend after I got the holster I took it out to shoot and my buddies and I all agreed its very smooth on the draw and very comfortable to wear. (videos at the bottom)

The IWB holster:

The IWB holster is great I set the tension very tight and it does not rattle or anything. I have worn it on a 4 hour car ride and it was very comfortable. I had him change the belt clip to snaps and I find this holds to my belt better. The holster holds open even when the gun is not in it. Drawing and reholstering is easy, although the first time I tried to draw I did not pull hard enough (as seen in the video) the kydex holds much tighter then the leather I am use to.

The mag pouches:

The mag pouches hold the mags close and tight. There is a divot in the pouch where the mag catch reset is. After about 20 draws it became very smooth while still holding the mags with no movement. The clip is integrated with the kydex from the pouch and is very easy on and off.

ZTO offers many other options and is coming out with new designs. If they do not have what your looking for then they are more then willing to work with you to try to make you what you need. I actually received a call a couple days after I got my holsters asking if everything was working for me and if I needed anything to just give them a call. If your looking for kydex holsters look no further then ZTO.

Great holsters from great people with great customer service.

I plan on getting another holster from them soon.

Some videos of them in use:
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