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I cannot stand these dies.. So I ordered some Lee dies instead (think collet crimp). But this is why...

Brand new dies, first run, once fired Federal Gold Medal Match .308 brass that has been tumbled in corncob, lubed up using Dillon reloading lube.

Started to de-prime and size the brass, around 5 cases in, the press will not bottom out... Somehow it bent the de-capper... I have NO idea how this happend, but it did. I did my best to straighten it out and continued on my merry way... Another 7 cases in, this happened again.. Imagine my frustration with these occurrences happening in about that frequency the entire time.

Oh well, FINALLY got all the cases sized, de-capped, re-primed. Started filling cases with powder, then moved on to seat the bullets....

OH BOY! The bullet seater/crimp die wont actually crimp the case neck down on the bullet(175gr Sierra Match King). Heck, half the time, it was pulling the bullet back out of the case as it was stuck in seater.. My frustration have driven me to the end of my rope with these dies.. I have just ordered some Lee dies and had them sent to me 2 day air so I can finish my batch of reloads for my next shoot. I will not be using these dies ever again. I may even call Hornady and bring these gripes up with them.
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