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Liquid Rhino here are the pics of "black, railed, AR with an Aimpoint or EOTech, with the Magpul UBR stock, without the doors installed."
I had to change configuration a bit and remove the ACOG, and the doors off of the UBR :D

here you go.......

M4 specs......

Colt 6920 upper with LMT BCG
KAC Free Float RAS
Surefire M951 with Cree Q5 LED upgrade
TangoDown VFG
ACOG TA31F with Trijicon RDS
KAC 300m buis
Aimpoint ML2 in LaRue M68 CCO cantilever mount
Magpul MIAD, preproduction UBR, and PMag
lower is marked Class 3 Sales (a local shop), made by Superior Arms
lpk is a DPMS
2pt sling is made by Gear Sector

This is the pre production UBR, so there may be slight differences in this one and the new ones.



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man the UBR looks like they did a great job, I love that damn thing.

leaving the cheekweld in place is a great feature.

also having the doors off the storage looks cool as well.

love the set-up.
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