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What's your thoughts on the Remington R-15 VTR Rifles? Looking for an AR-15 for varmit hunting, and just playing around with on the farm, won't be used alot just mainly during hunting season. Cabela's have them for $1000, is that price within reason?
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Made by Bushmaster for Remington, the R-15 VTR would be a perfect hunting or ranch .223. They come with a hunting legal low capacity magazine, but will accept 20rd and 30rd mags. The ones I have held have been quality with good handling and light weight due to the fluted barrel. Certainly handier than my bull barreled varmint. The R-15 comes in a 22" rifle, 18" carbine fixed stock, 18" carbine collapsing stock, and a more expensive 18" Byron South edition with upgraded trigger and ergo pistol grip. I am partial to the 18" fixed stock version.

The low profile gas block does not have a weaver rail, but a Bushmaster clamp on front folding sight (for their modular rifles) might work.
The one I have had the chance to inspect and shoot was very well made. It was the Predator Rifle with 22" barrel in .223 and was scoped with a Leupold 4.5-14x40mm scope that was just about perfect for that rifle. At 100 yards, shooting Federal Bulk Pack 55gr ammo, it was shooting around 1.5" groups. I am sure with better ammo or reloads it would be capable of outstanding accuracy. Even with the scope and a full 20rd mag, I was surprised at the seemingly light weight of the rifle, making it a good option for carting around with you on the farm.

My only issues with the rifle...1) I am not a big fan of the Advantage Camo finish on the R-15; and 2) the barrel was a fairly small diameter barrel and I would have expected a little larger barrel on a target/varmint rifle. That said, the barrel did NOT seem to have any adverse effect on accuracy as the rifle shot as well with a relatively cold bore as it did after I had put about 50 rounds down range in a short time. It isn't as if you are going to be using that rifle for "rapid fire" or other such uses anyway.

Also, FWIW, any quality AR-15 rifle for $1000 these days is a good deal if it is in stock and immediately available. You'd be hard pressed to do better.
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I'd say buy it if thats what you're looking for. I've been very happy with mine so far. Decent trigger, shoots well, and is exactly what i need for varmint hunting.
Thanks for the replies guys. I am not super crazy about the camo finish either but it would mostly be used for coyote hunting and every little bit of concealment helps. I would want to put a scope on it, and I have not seen that camo on any scopes I have been looking at. I think the camo is Advantage max-1 open terrain.
There are enough black parts of the R-15 rifle that a matte black scope would look very good. I like the Leupold V-III 3.5-10x40 and LaRue Tactical LT-104 mount.

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I would want to put a scope on it, and I have not seen that camo on any scopes I have been looking at. I think the camo is Advantage max-1 open terrain.
There are companies out there that will either paint/duracoat/etc. a scope to any camo pattern you want, or, I think that there are some that are offering "wrap" type applications that would coat your scope with like a "sticker" or "film" in whatever camo pattern you desire.

Check here for starters (I know that they were working on a Max-1 Open Terrain pattern):

Thanks Wild Rice for the larger picture, and like you said it may not look to bad with a black mount and scope it might even break up the all camo look to it. Yes I'm also partial to Leupold ,cant go wrong with their optics, just bought a pair of Acaidia binocs. and they are unbelievable for the money. Thank you also ORD for the link if I decide to go that way and can't find one in camo.
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