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Remington-UMC 9mm Luger

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I took a little ride today to a Law Enforcement supply called Lawmen Supply and cashed in on a pretty good deal on Remington-UMC 115gr. FMJ 9mm Luger.
They were selling it for $59.95 per 500 round case, and I got 3 cases of it.
The best price I've seen on the internet was for CCI/Blaser Brass at $119.00 per case of 1,000, this Rem-UMC comes out to the same price, and I didn't have to pay for shipping....

Add this 1,500 rounds to the 300 I already had in the ammo locker, and I've got 1,800 rounds of 9mm to pump through my new XD-9 service......this should last me for a couple of weekends anyway...... :lol:

I was surprise to see that this place was selling CCI/Blaser for $139.95 per 1,000 round case, the Rem-UMC was cheaper, and I can reload the brass....(unlike the aluminum cased CCI)

I also picked up a 50 round box of the Federal Premium Personal Defense Expanding Full Metal Jacket in 124gr. This is what I'll keep in the XD while it serves home defense duty between trips to the range.....
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That's a very good deal! I have been buying the UMC 250 round packs for $28.88 (i think) at Bi-mart for a while.. I thought that was a pretty fair price, and pretty close to what you are getting.. of course, the nice thing about Oregon, no sales tax! 8)

It sure makes it more affordable to shoot without that sales tax!! (of course they get some back on property tax! :( ).. If I could find the ammo in larger amounts I might even be able to save a little more money... unfortunately, for now.. the 250 packs are the best I can do... and the UMC shoots really well in my pistol.

Luckily I have an Academy Sports store nearby,I have been buying the blazer 9mm ,1000 round case. Last one lasted around a month.For $89 a case,havent been able to find anything cheaper anywhere.It comes out to about $3.90 a box,and the 9mm brass is only $4.99.Academy must be buying LOTS and LOTS of ammo to be able to sell it so cheap.

Dick's is carrying the Remington UMC's in 9mm for $5.98/50 and every other week for $5.38/50 if you buy ten boxes - I bought 500 on Saturday and went through 150 monday and then another 100 today for good measure. Wal-Mart carries boxes of 100 for $11.96.
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