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I have been reloading now for about two years, mainly hangun ammo and 30-06 rifle ammo. If you are going to continue to use a single stage press for 40S&W I would recommend a set of LEE dies. I know that some people really don't think that much of LEE dies but for the money you can't beat them. And to make it even better thier powder thru expanding dies knocks an entire step off of reloading if you have one of their powder measures that you can attach to it. All of my hangun (straight walled) caliber dies are LEE with the exception of my 45ACP which is RCBS. Reloading rifle ammo should take longer IMHO because extreme accurracy is usually what you are going for. Personally I reload handgun ammo because I enjoy reloading and if time is not really a factor, I have found I can reload for a little less than buying factory. With that said, if Win USA 100round range packs is all you plan to buy and shoot for "fun", buy it, shoot it, save the brass, and reload it just for grins. It's hard to beat the price of Win USA even when reloading.

If you are thinking of a progressive press, I would steer clear of the LEE ProLoad 1000. I have one and it works okay but it gets a little tempermental. A friend has a Dillion and loves it. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. And with a progressive you can easily crank out 100 round or more in an hour if your press isn't "tempermental." :lol:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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