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Been a long time since actually kept track of cost per 1K of own pistol handloads. AUsing plated bullets, a nice cheap but exc. powder like Titegroup and even buying once-fired .40 bras which is fairly cheap right now it's still economical. As f4tweet says "currently tailor my loads" that's the heart of handloading: you get almost exactly what you want.
Personally have practice loads, IDPA & "Major" Power Factor" loads, Equivilent Self-Defense loads, etc.
Not to mention the loads worked up with the best FMJ & JHP bullets for wringing the best accuracy out of the particular gun.
Can find a used Dillon Square Deal around her for $180-200 with dies. If you really like it can get a used 550 that will also load for your rifle. Dillon's warranty is good if you're the 1st owner or the 10th. so buying used is a very good way to go.
Since you already load for rifle there won't be much of a learning curve and brass preparation is a snap for pistol compared to rifle.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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