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My buddy is trying unload some reloading equipment, what would you think this value would be?

550 reloader
4 sets of dies with quick change plates.
223, 308, 30-06 and 45 acp.
extra powder funel
spare parts kit for reloader.
2 case trimers one new style "very nice".
extra bits for case trimes for dif cal's.
1 digital and one beam scale
calibration wieghts for scales
bullet micrometer gage measures how true bullet is in case
vibrating brass cleaner and media seperator.
walnut shells and cleaner/wax for above
tricle powder measer
primer pocket cleaners
hand case trimer
case lube pad and lube
verious needed tools
about 2000 223 once fired brass
about 1000 .45 once fired brass
couple pounds of powder
about 500 223 tracer bullets
about 100 223 ss109 bullets
100 hornady 223 bullets
100 45 acp fmj
100 45 acp hornady
some 223 and 45 primers
223 and 308 bullet gages

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Old School said:
I may soon be in the market for a 550. Let me know what he is looking to get for it.

Old School
Will do, unfortunately its all a package deal. He is moving and needs to dump it all

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wasn't that the intent of the original post... to get a price for him to ask?

Make a fair offer, he'll probably take it.
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