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I refinished an Ishapore Enfield..I parkerized the barrel/reciever/magazine/bolt with Manganese Phosphate in a chicken feeder I got from tractor supply...

I put the solution in the tub after I sealed the ends with epoxy and put them on the burners on the stove

I then stripped the steel down to bare metal with an old cheapo Sears sandblaster and 80# aluminum oxide and sprayed clean with non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner, boiled the barrel and receiver until it stopped bubbling, rinsed with the hottest water I could put on it, the heat made the water evaporate almost instantly...then I slathered it with Breakfree CLP and let it soak into the metal to protect it.

I refinished the stock with an dark cherry oak stain and non-gloss minwax spray can polyurethane, it actually looked reaaaaly good...I kick myself for selling it!

You can also black gunkote it too, bluing is a pain in the butt!
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