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I had a brief conversation with my eye doctor about red dots, strangely enough. With the way your eyes focus, a red dot is probably better for you, because it allows you to focus your attention on the target through your front sight instead of being obscured by it; because the dot moves your targeting to the same focal plane as your intended target.

I would guess that the majority of situations where a pistol was used in a defensive situation and caught on camera were probably low light or dark, which is when you most want to be absolutely sure your muzzle is pointing at the target and not a foot to the left.

If I change my EDC anytime soon, I will likely pick up another red dot for it. I just haven't installed one on my XDS because I have a custom leather holster with a retaining strap made to accommodate my Valkyrie 2 light, which I think edges out the need for a Red Dot on that particular pistol.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts