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I was talking w/ a local gunsmith who was working on one of my shotguns and the conversation turned to reloading, of which he does a lot.

I asked him if he knew about the RCBS X-Die, which will control the growth of the neck in a bottleneck round like a .223, and he said no--but that he uses RCBS Case Slick instead.

He sprays it on the outside of the cases as they sit on a cookie sheet, and ensures he gets a bit inside the necks. Result? No growth!

Well. Sounds easier than the X-Die, so I bought some. Tried it out, and all I can say is, holy moly.

I sized a hundred cases using the Case Slick, and virtually none grew in length. There was no shoulder denting, and the effort required to pull the case neck expander ball through the neck was minimal.

I ran them through a tumbler to remove the lube, though apparently it is harmless to primer and powder. I like to do that regardless.

Anyway, if you want to experiment, get some of this stuff and try it. I'm going to keep using it. Sure beats trimming, deburring, and chamfering.
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