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Ranges in Houston - (Update-Weekend Shoot)

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Hi All,

Looks like there are several people here from Houston. I live on the west side of town and was wondering about places to shoot.

I've been to the American Shooting Center in George Bush park, but am looking for a different place.

Any suggestions?
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PoSSuM mentioned Bailey's sometime on Sat. Found it on the map and its around the Beltway South and 288.
ok... i could probly do that, just let me know what time, and an adress or directions to the range.
Hopefully this is a link to a map of the location.

Let me know if this doesn't work.


<a href="http://us.rd.yahoo.com/maps//maps/extmap/*-http://maps.yahoo.com//maps_result?csz=Houston%2C+TX+77053-4901&state=TX&uzip=77053&ds=n&name=Baileys+House+Of+Guns+Inc&desc=&ed=RBdjwOp_0TqIGaq1fkCFxk_AQKWOcAvC6LnRjBPtJRdJF8v8nZMPndhjj6KQWO8MbFqQT7iR5mrUgs4.PuEi_EQH_hVxxAescgNrFIOOKAxc63I-&zoomin=yes&BFKey=&mag=2">
Map of
Baileys House Of Guns Inc
3626 Bluebonnet Dr
Houston, TX 77053-4901
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so..... who is definately going?


and what time on sat?
I am going and with a friend or two.

How is 10 or 12? Too late?
Yep. Whatever time y'all decide on. I have to work sometime on Sat., but I can do it before or after the shoot. Y'all tell me. 12 sounds good to me.
I'm still waiting to get my XD, Maybe next time?
Hey Doorman, just bring what ya got. Doesn't have to be an XD to have fun.
Doorman said:
I'm still waiting to get my XD, Maybe next time?
you can shoot mine... its .40 cal
good shooting guys. i had a blast, it couldnt have been a more beautiful day to shoot. it was cool to meet all of you.... we should definately do that agian, and maybe take pics next time.
Damn missed this thread. Haven't been to the forum in awhile. I live in Houston and usually shoot at American Shooting Centers. I would like to join up with you all sometime to shoot. I could use a few pointers actually because my shots seem to pull to the left a bit. I will keep checking back to see when the next time to go shooting is being set up.
Hey guys, it was great to meet y'all today and it was a great shoot. I sure enjoyed you all and hope that we get together again in the future (maybe not there again though). Couldn't even see the damned targets. Felt like this :shock: the whole time trying to spot my poor shots!

Hey LX. Sorry that you missed it. PoSSum, therooster (with a couple of friends) and I had a great time today. We were there for almost 3 hours.

Sounds like therooster, one_eyed_fatman & myself are all pretty close to ASC so that me be the next scheduled shoot.
Lumberjack is pulling left too=)

It was mucho fun, despite the lack of close quarters targets.

NExt time we shoot outdoors someone needs to bring a rifle =D

Great to meet you too and see you again.
If you guys decide to do a ASC shoot I'll join up. LX if you don't have any pistols just bring ammo and you can shoot my XD sub. I be bringing my XP as well. Glad to hear you guys had a good time. It was such a nice day. I'm still kicking myself for not going shooting somewhere...
one-eyed-fatman said:
If you guys decide to do a ASC shoot I'll join up.
Yeah, me too. I'm kinda pissed at myself for missing out on this one. I'd really like to meet up with you all. I still don't know how I missed the thread. I log on here just about every day.

To take it a bit further....would any of you Houston/gulf coast area gunners be interested in starting a loosely organized club of XD owners?
Perhaps there could be monthly meetings, club shirts/caps, etc...
I would think a place like ASC could handle a group of 10-20members without too much difficulty. I go to ASC at least once a month. They have a nice facility. Anyone?
Thanks for the offer FAT, I would definetly like to try out your sub. I have the XD40 and haven't really shot many other firearms. I am down for a group of us getting organized here in Houston.

Any of you have any suggestions in practice for the CHL course? I think I am going to be taking it on the 26th of this month.
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