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Ranges in Houston - (Update-Weekend Shoot)

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Hi All,

Looks like there are several people here from Houston. I live on the west side of town and was wondering about places to shoot.

I've been to the American Shooting Center in George Bush park, but am looking for a different place.

Any suggestions?
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there is a new place north of Brookshire called "the Impact Zone". havent been there, but talked to one of the owners friends and he said it was real laidback. they let you work on movement/fire, draw/fire ect. its also where the local IDPA meets.

yeah... i grew up south of brookshire, now i live at hw6 and 10 so its a little far for me too.
ok... i could probly do that, just let me know what time, and an adress or directions to the range.
so..... who is definately going?


and what time on sat?
Doorman said:
I'm still waiting to get my XD, Maybe next time?
you can shoot mine... its .40 cal
good shooting guys. i had a blast, it couldnt have been a more beautiful day to shoot. it was cool to meet all of you.... we should definately do that agian, and maybe take pics next time.
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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