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Ranges in Houston - (Update-Weekend Shoot)

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Hi All,

Looks like there are several people here from Houston. I live on the west side of town and was wondering about places to shoot.

I've been to the American Shooting Center in George Bush park, but am looking for a different place.

Any suggestions?
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Top Gun
Near the Galleria area

Expensive (15 an hour amnd requires you to shoot their "clean" ammo).
Great equipment/lanes.
Great filtration

Sportsman's Shooting Center
2351 off of 45 near Frindwsood

Cheap (7 dollars per person, shooting anything but blazer)
Own line of reloaded ammo
Older/dated, but functional equipment
"Mom n pop" shop

Pearland Shooting Center
Near Pearland

Cheap (yearly membership of near 125 dollars)
Outdoor range for all types of guns
Closes at sundown
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Thats good to hear.

They recently went under new management and at that time I was told they were going to be restricting the ammo shot.

Still a little expensive for my taste. I do believe LEO shoots half price there though.

I will definately need to check out Bailey's. Shooting in dark indoor ranges gets old.
Im heading to Bailey's this weekend.

Anyone else up for a shooting party? At 6 per gun we can fondle each others.

I'm not a morning person but... what time is good?

I am planning on going and probably bringing my father and a friend with a shotgun so might get some skeet in.
I am going and with a friend or two.

How is 10 or 12? Too late?
Lumberjack is pulling left too=)

It was mucho fun, despite the lack of close quarters targets.

NExt time we shoot outdoors someone needs to bring a rifle =D

Great to meet you too and see you again.
1 - 7 of 39 Posts
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