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Ranges in Houston - (Update-Weekend Shoot)

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Hi All,

Looks like there are several people here from Houston. I live on the west side of town and was wondering about places to shoot.

I've been to the American Shooting Center in George Bush park, but am looking for a different place.

Any suggestions?
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sorry didnt get back to you sooner, been gone a couple of days. i go to Bailey's House of Guns, a little ways off Almeda and the Beltway, close to the Humane Society building. its a "mom-n-pop" shop, but its a good outdoor range, have a USPSA/ rapid fire range, 25 yard shotgun/pistol range, 100-yard range, and a clay pigeon range. went just yesterday, enjoyed myself. cheap, too, $6 per gun (everybody you can cram in your truck can shoot your gun, as long as its paid for), 16 bucks for the clay range, but thats with a box of clays, and the $6 gun charge is included. they also have CHL classes there.
No kidding, i used to go to Marksman in Pasadena, and it does get old, pay per person (not per gun), and its always loud, crowded. I like being outdoors.
if its Saturday morning, im up for it. i can try to shoot for Sunday(pun not intended) whats good for everybody?
sorry guys, im out, store manager wont let me out to play...
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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