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Just got my XDm-9 last week, took it to the range Sunday ...

100 rds CCI Blazer 124gr FMJ, no failures
50 rds Triton Quik-Shok 115gr JHP, one failure to feed.

The Triton rounds had been on my shelf for two or three years, just decided to burn them up, some of the cases were a bit corroded -- and I didn't clean the gun before I headed for the range.

The mags are hard to fill to capacity; never used a mag loader like the one that comes with the gun and didn't figure it out while I was there.

The gun handles very well ... it has those replaceable backstraps, comes with the middle one but I think I'm switching to the largest ... I don't have big hands, but with both hands on the gun the grip felt a bit thin.

Also noticed that the first round out of the mag pulled a bit to the left, tho the rest shot to point of aim at 7 yds ...

I like the gun a lot; didn't buy it to carry but with 19+1 capacity it would make a great nightstand weapon ...

Next step -- get some fresh SD ammo and see which one works best. :D
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