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I went to the range today and brought my new XD9 along with my old Sig Sauer P229 and my Kimber Raptor II 45ACP.

The Sig Sauer P229 chambered in .40 S&W is supposed to be a very accurate and very reliable pistol. I've had it for about 12 years and have only put about 300 - 500 rounds through it. It's a beautiful gun, but I've never been able to shoot it very accurately and I've experienced about 2% malfunctions. (Failure of the slide to fully close when chambering a new round and a few stove pipes)

The Kimber is only about a month old and I've put 200 rounds of 230 grain FMJ through it with 2% failure to fully chamber a round.
But it points well for me and I'm able to group all my shots in an 8" bulls-eye at 25 yards without using a rest. Kimber says in their owners manual that you need to fire 500 rounds through them to break them in to eliminate feed failures and achieve maximum reliability. So I'll see how it does after a few hundred more rounds.

The SA XD9 is now my favorite gun!
100 rounds, straight out of the box, not a single problem.
Not able to shoot it as accurately (at 25 yds) as the Kimber, but it's more accurate than the Sig P229. Easy to field strip and clean, simplistic in design, durable and extremely fun to shoot. I'll be taking it with me every time I go to the range.
It was far less expensive than my other guns and far more reliable. I tried to limp wrist it, I tried to fire a clip as fast as I could pull the trigger and couldn't force it to malfunction.
I'm a happy camper!:D
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