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Took my XD-40, ammo, and chronograph to the range.

Shooting the XD with Don's guide rod I got the following results:

:arrow: WWB 165 grain FMJ (BC=0.196)
Velocity of five shots
1) 1029
2) 1056
3) 1024
4) 1028
5) 1050

Avg: 1037 (Winchester claims 1060fps)
Hi: 1056
Lo: 1024
Extreme Spread: 32.8
Standard Deviation: 14.8
Average Deviation: 12.6

:arrow: WWB 180 grain FMJ (BC=0.167)
1) 981.1
2) 995.1
3) 1000
4) 978.8
5) 980.7

Avg: 987.3 (Winchester claims 990fps)
Hi: 1000
Lo: 978.8
ES: 21.9
SD: 10.0
AD: 8.5

:arrow: Reload w\Unique 155 grain LSWC
(wind picked up, shook the skyscreens I question these results)
1) Err
2) 1036
3) 968.5
4) 978.3
5) 1009

Avg: 998.1
Hi: 1036
Lo: 968.5
ES: 67.7
SD: 30.9
AD: 24.7

Following resutls are XD-40 with factory spring:

:arrow: WWB 165 grain FMJ
(wind was acting up again)
1) 1024
2) Err
3) Err
4) 1043
5) 1045

Avg: 1038
Hi: 1045
Lo: 1024
ES: 21.1
SD: 11.7
AD: 9.0

:arrow: WWB 180 grain FMJ
(some wind)
1) 928.9
2) 985.4
3) 953.3
4) 980.2
5) 978.2

Avg: 965.2
Hi: 985.9
Lo: 928.9
ES: 56.5
SD: 23.8
AD: 19.3

Shooting from Midway pistol rest at 25 yards:
WWB 180 FMJ = 4.75"
WWB 165 FMJ = 5.125"
Reload 155 LSWC = 4.625"

Overall, I liked the 180 grain load better than the 165.
Also like Don's guide rod better than the factory spring as the gun felt more 'solid'.
Winchester seems to be honest about their velocity.

I threw the reload together just for this trip to the range. I'd like to try them again with a light Clays load. Unique, Universal Clays, maybe WSF or WST (some powders on hand) I believe would be better with a heavier cast bullet (170-200).

Hopefully the next time I chronograph my XD-40 their will be less wind.
I intend to refire the same ammo after fire-lapping this barrel. I'll post the results here.

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My objective was to get my 40SW min 950 fps with the 180gr HP.

I used new WW brass, trimmed to .8405", fL sized, belled .002" over SAAMI max and seated with Reddings new Comp handgun Bullet Seater, the taper crimp to -.002" below SAAMI max for case mouth diameter.

WSP primers/CCI500 and started with WW231 Powder. I'll always try to get what I need with WW231 in terms of velocity objective whenever possible within SAAMI limits. That didn't work with the 180gr. Pressure signs were showing at case web diameter and primer.
WW231 is a very nice fast burning/lowest flash powder I've ever used for a handgun. At night, it's barely noticeable and in that 3" barrel a I want at least a burn ratio of 90% or higher.

My next choice, based on my QuickLoad software, comparing powders that met my objectives mentioned above, I decided VihtN340 was the one.
It's more difficult to meter than 231 or Accurate, but I decided I would deal with it.

Components same as above, there was no difference between CCI 500 and WSP so I opted with WSP since I have a few bricks.

One very important element of my hand loads for the XD40SubCompact is I trim the case to .8405" and seat the Winchester 180gr JHP (buy in bulk of 1000) to 1.130" COL because I've had too many feed problems with shorter COL's. The case must not be any shorter!!!!

So don't use my load data unless you use the same bullet and same COL and start at 10% below my loads. Caution is given here.

Primer_WW WSP Primers
COL_1.130" SAMMI Max is 1.135"
Velocity at 3 feet_963fps 8 rounds pulled randomly from 4 boxes of 250 hand loaded rounds each. This test was a 2nd run just to see how my bulk loading of 1000 turned out. A total of 32 rounds fired.
Accuracy_Excellent POA_POI return for double/triple tapping is good.
Flash test at night, almost the same as 231. Just a very low reddish light.

now only if someone could chrono some blazer ammo. I know its a hot load. but it is good inexpensive ammo, and they got reusable brass type (costs a little more) or the aluminum case type which is hella light and the military is using some non brass cased ammo now in iraq (they gave us the stuff when i was there) and it all works the same.
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