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Went out to try some more Federal 125gr JHP's. Backed up 7 yards, and I did 5 shots at a piece of paper with a loose grip like I had been shooting it, after the 5th shot it failed to lock in battery, my shots were scattered somewhat. So I took that bullet out and put it back in the mag. Then I fired 7 shots at a piece of aluminum trim coil with a firm, tight grip, with my thumb in the thumb groove (I usually dont do this). I myself am still in shock, not only did the gun function flawlessly, even with the round it chocked on earlier, but I have two ovaled out holes for 7 rounds. I know there will always be doubters and non-believers, but I took a pic of the target. http://www.geocities.com/pwrbyford5_0/XD357target.JPG

It appears like there was probably 3 shots in each hole, but the target was hanging on a 4x8 sheet of plywood and no others holes were around it.

I LOVE this gun :D
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