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About two years ago i started my AR build, Spikes lower, DPMS internals, Magpul stock, Del-Ton carbine upper. Primary arms red dot. So....had it all together for about 6 months, but life has been busy and not gotten to the range (ahh...children....).....until Sunday.

Started off with my CMMG 22 conversion kit in so as to not waste too much ammo sighting in.....not to worry though it was less than 2 inches adjustment. Had some stove pipes with the conversion kit, but i was using cheap ammo, so no big surprise there.

Switched back over to .223, and put 100 rounds of wolf down field with both C-products mags and PMags. Zero problems. Accuracy held up well. I'm not going to brag about my shooting because i need a lot more practice...thus nothing to really brag about....but i was more than happy with the performance of the gun. Feel comfortable knowing that should the CDC's zombie apocalypse arrive...lol.... i can defend the home.

sorry...no pics at this time..... i know, i know.....this thread is worthless....lol
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