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Range Report- My new XDSC9

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WoW! 500 CCI Blazers through the XDSC9 and I'm in love. :oops: Functioned flawlessly. I was worried because everything was real tight on this handgun, especially the slide release. 500 rounds later- everything is perfect. I like the fact the SC model has more recoil. It makes me feel that I'm getting more bang for my buck. At nine feet, the bullseye was no more. At 33 feet, holes were all over the target, but I still could hit it. I know the SC is not a target pistol, but with practice I feel I could get very tight groups at 33 feet. Besides, aren't handguns for CQC anyway? What a great weapon. And to think I almost went for the Glock. I'm glad I found the XD. I even had people at the range ask me "What kind of weapon is that, I've never seen that one before!" Both my wife and I shot 250 rounds. I was kinda embarrased as she could load a magazine with the Adco super thumb in 22 seconds, and I think it takes me about 45 or so. The only problem my wife had is it like to eject shells kinda backwards and on to her. She even had a couple go down the shirt :shock:

By the way, now that I need to clean it, is REM oil safe for the Heinie night sights?

Thanks everybody for your help/support- J.
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Actually it was a loose turtle neck. When she put both arms up to fire, the neck kinda flipped out- making a perfect channel. Anyway we learned our lesson. I don't have the same problem. I guess with smaller hands, she cannot get as firm of a grip, and the shells just fly back. She was getting pretty good groups.
one-eyed-fatman said:
I had a problem with CCI at first. They kept dropping on my head. I swiched to WWB and no problems. A few boxes later I when back to CCI and no more problem.
This was going to be the next ammo I try anyway. Maybe it will work for her too.
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