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Everyone, feel free to comment and or discuss very openly pretty much anything about the following:

Me and my father went out and shot some pistols today at a local indoor range. I usually shoot on a friend's property outdoors because I like the fresh air and the fact that we have it all to ourselves, but it was wet and rainy today, and I still wanted to shoot.

We shot his Browning Medalist .22 lr (NICE gun!), his 9mm Beretta PX4, and my Ruger GP-100 with a 6 inch barrel.

All 9mm ammo was Federal American Eagle 115 grain FMJ. It all shot well, clean, and consistently. I like it very much for punching paper.

All .22 ammo was Winchester bulk 36 grain copper plated hollow points. Shot ok in the medalist, but left a little to be desired. Obviously quite dirty stuff, it gums up the gun quickly. We only shot about 150-175 rounds. A few failures to feed; the bullet got stuck and deformed on the feed ramp. With higher quality .22, the Medalist shines. CCI mini mag solids come to mind.

Shot four different loads out of the Ruger.
PPU .38 Special 158 grain LRN
Herters .38 Specual 132 grain FMJ
PMC .357 Magnum 158 grain JSP
Remington Golden Saber .357 Magnum 125 grain JHP.

The PPU shot ok, but was extremely smoky, and quite dirty. I was gagging. I don't know what the hell those Serbians are putting in the case, but it's best to save them for outdoors. Seemed a little hotter than many domestic 158 grain LRN loads.

The Herters was great. Cleaner, not too smoky, and a mild load for a decent price.

The PMC .357 Mag shot well. I would post the velocity, but I have found conflicting numbers, and I am not as familiar with the .357 as many of you guys are. Recoil was stout, this surely is a fairly warm load. Obviously was soaked up by my tank of a gun. Blast was not bad, and flash was almost non-existent, which surprised me.

On to the last load, the Golden Saber 125 grain JHP. I shot two cylinders of this stuff to familiarize myself with it, since this is what I am going to leave in the gun, with a speedloader of the 158 grain JSP close by for hogs and such.
It is advertised as a moderate magnum load by Remington, supposedly 1220 FPS for 412 ft. lbs of energy, with a 4 inch bbl. I'm sure I am getting at least 1350 from my 6 inch bbl. This load surprised me. Its velocity and energy from a 4 inch bbl are marginally higher than a 9mm+P, but this load had a pretty big flash. Recoil was moderate, but the blast and flash were more than I expected from this moderate load. If it were the Remington classic 125 grain SJHP @ 1450, I could understand the flash. This load was a stark contrast to the 158 grain PMC which is actually a hotter round. Even further surprising was the fact that this load is advertised to be loaded with low flash powders. I got it mostly because I found them for $14 per 25, less than half of what they are at online places like Midway. From what I read, the Golden Saber is a solid performer, not likely to come apart for a non-bonded bullet.

Is this normal? Are Remington's numbers off? I believe I have shot the true [email protected] load out of a friend's Taurus one time, and the flash and blast didn't seem that much worse than the GS.
What say ye?

One last thing. The more I shoot at indoor public ranges the less I like it, especially compared to private outdoor property. It's dirty, congested, loud as hell, and sometimes full of people. I'm not a jumpy guy by nature, but when the guy next to you is shooting a hand cannon, your aim might go off target for a second. The only good thing about an indoor range is the fact that you can move your target quickly and efficiently without having to move.

There was a minor incident today that I will post in another thread in the chatter box.

God bless.
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