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I recently bought a new XD45 Tactical w/thumb safety, as well as 2 of the Arredondo +3 magazine base pads that I purchased from Springer Precision.

Up until Saturday's USPSA match I had only fired my XD once, about 70 rounds, the day I bought it.

Concerning the 13 round XD45 mags w/+3 pads, in order to get the loaded mags to lock into the mag well with the slide forward I had to trim 1/8" off of the bottom of the rear "leg" of the follower. I'd like to thank Scott at Springer Precision for his most excellent customer/tech support on this issue.

Without having an opportunity to test fire the XD and the newly tweaked mags I went and shot the match anyhow. This was my first time to use anything other than my single stack 1911.

The match was great! My XD45 and the mags ran 100% No malfunctions what so ever! I'm not real fast with it yet because I'm still getting used to the trigger and sights on the XD. I was not in last place in the overall score. (OK, I was next to last place but I had a lot of fun...)

A few observations:

I am going to need to change the sights, I was planning on that even before the match.

The stock XD trigger is not as fast as the 1911. I already knew that too.
I may install a kit later to address that but for now I am going to try to get used to this trigger as it is.

Reducing reloads by 50% during a course of fire makes shooting the match
more fun.

And last but not least.....

Brand new equipment, that really works as designed, is a beautiful thing!

Shoot safe,


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I agree. I got an XD45 Tactical, and shot an IDPA match with it recently (first time competing with a .45acp gun). SS guide rod and Bob's Custom Shop trigger kit (but not the performance trigger bar) are the only modifications.

Other than the gun shooting slightly left for me, it ran beautifully. I even won the stage that was a Mozambique (2 to the body, 1 to the head) engagement at 5 yards from a surrender position with concealment on (1.86 seconds with 0 points down). After competing for years with the XD9 Tactical, I would have never anticipated being able to fire an XD45 that quickly, especially using WWB 230gr. factory ammo.

A big thumbs up for the XD45 Tactical...now just need to find the right tool for taking off the factory sights and installing a Heinie rear and FO front sight.
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