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Range distances ???

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Having nearly completed rebuilding my backyard range, and not real familiar with this "defensive" type shooting, I have a question about the ranges I see posted by other shooters and how the distances are set. Such as 7 yds, 25 ft, 10 yards, 25 yds et cetera. Are these standards used in different competions or distances commonly available at local ranges? I have capabilities to shoot out to 25 yards (and beyond, if I really wanted to). I typically shoot at 10 yards (30 feet). I'm just trying to correlate someones report of a group at 7 yards to my group at 10 yards and question the variable distances. Thanks for any input. Curt
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The indoor range where I shoot has stops at 7, 15, and 25 yards. Since I'm not a competition shooter I couldn't tell you the signifigance of any of these distances. I'm sure others on the list can elaborate further . . . .
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