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Well, my XD 40 is back to the factory :-( Hopefully they work out the problem and I become a happy camper again.

For what its worth, the XD40 is just my second full sized handgun. I went XD mainly because of the awesome ergonomics, combined with high accuracy.

I went 40 because I already had a 9mm, and wanted to put serious rounds through one before I made a decision on which I prefer. That, plus I really like the idea of a "cruiser weight" round. Hits hard, high-cap mags = win. I can definitely shoot more rapidly with the P89 though--DA/SA trigger + huge frame + light bullets. For serious home defense I suspect I will want better ammo than ball though.

I didn't get a glock, or an Sig or 1911 or whatever because of various reasons--cost being a huge one. I can't carry in this state, and I don't intend to fork out 1K for a pistol that sits around the house. Nor do I expect to go into harms way as part of my job, so I don't mind that the slide can't be racked easily with one arm (!), or that it has to be sent back to the factory instead of to a gunsmith. Not a deal breaker. And to be honest--I find that the guys who have bought into those systems are waaaay over rating their own guns. A friend of mine, a serious shooter and military type who has fired rounds in anger, bumped into me at an outdoor shooting range one day, some years ago. I was mr. amateur, banging away with his Ruger, learning the basics. He was expertly hammering the bullseye, and giving me tips while reloading. Then his SiG jammed. He cleared it, then put it back into the case, and got another gun out--another SiG. "They never jam" he told me. "That one just did" I said, but he shrugged it off. We went back to work and his second gun jammed too. He left the range in disgust. I kept plinking away.... :twisted:

Hopefully it won't be too long before I can put up a range report, some training tales, and maybe even a useful tip (someday....:D)

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