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Quick Detach Scope Rings

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Anyone use any kind of quick detach scope rings on their AR (or any other rifle)? I'm wondering what kind of success if any you've had in keeping zero with taking them off and on. What kind do you use?
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Larue, and no real issues. Its a plus and minus to my ability to shoot not the mount to move.

There are 5 mounts here

My favorite
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I use ARMS 22 rings on a couple of my AR's and my AR-10 has a Larue SPR-type mount (can't recall which one...has very high rings due to a 50mm obj). Both setups allow me to switch between day scopes and my NVS. I don't have any trouble with them retaining zero. The Larue is just dead on each and every time I swap it out and the ARMS rings will sometimes shift slightly, but never more than 1 MOA.
Thanks, since I am wanting to use my AR for so many different things, I wanted to be able to swap aiming devices and know that I wouldn't have to re-zero each of them every time. I have never used a quick detach mount so didn't know if they were any good. Again, thanks for the info.

- Kyle
I used to have a rifle w/ an old Thompson cam lock setup on it. As long as the scope could hold a zero, that system would come back to it every time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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