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Question to all of you experts on Para-Ord P10-45

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Yeah, I know, it's not XD related, but anyway--maybe one of you own one. We would like to clean/lube and would appreciate any guidance.

A friend recently acquired a Para P10-45. Looking for a manual. Para's website, has a lot on manuals , but none specifically for a P10-45. The P10-45 is the Compact version of the P14-45. Does anyone specifically "know" if the "dis-assembly/re-assembly" instructions for the P-14, apply to the P-10? (Have since learned that the P10 is similar, but not the same as P14 re dis-assembly/re-assembly)
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Try the 1911Form (or did you already). It's got a Para folder, and I am sure someone there can help.


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