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I just sent in paperwork a month ago on a Silencerco Hybrid 46. Good from .45 on down, very little loss of suppression in smaller calibers, and you can replace the end cap to help. Direct thread to 5/8x24, and you can use various muzzle devices to make swapping guns easier without messing with the fine threads.

The other option I looked at was the Dead Air Primal. I know a guy that shoots long range, he prefers the Dead Air KeyMo adapter over Silencerco’s ASR stuff. Says he gets excellent results regarding not shifting his POA/POI with it, but he’s on one gun, I’m looking at 3-5 guns, and the cost difference let’s me buy a few adapters. Plus, I’m not looking for match accuracy, I can shoot a few to get re-zeroed if required, while his 25-Creedmoor is home rolled, and in his Howa based gun, it’s a frikkin’ laser.
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