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Long time lurker first time posting. Let's start off with a little background info. My first handgun was a springfield XD 9 back in 2004 when I turned 21. I put roughly 1000 rounds through it before I had some financial issues and had to sell it. I have bought other pistols since then but I have never replaced parts on them or upgraded them. Just bought ammunition and shot it. Well i finally made it back to a XD9. I bought a cheap one and it shows. So I decided to replace some parts.

I know nothing about "how they work" so to speak. And what part would do what if replaced with an upgrade. If I am going to buy new parts I want to upgrade and not just buy factory parts.

The first upgrade I did was the sights. It came with a ghost ring rear sight and I just couldn't get use to it. So I ordered some Dawson adj. ones.

Now I am looking into getting a tungsten guide rod. I have read countless threads on how they reduce muzzle flip and how good they have been to other users. That sounds good. Now what I can't find anything about is springs. I see where you can order 1911 springs for them and they have different weights. I have read where 18 is what is in the XD now. But my question is what would the less like 16 or more like 20 do? Would they harm the gun in anyway?

In advance, thank you for all your comments. I am sure I will have more questions in the future after I start doing more upgrades.
Thank you,
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