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Question about Lasermax recoil spring

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I am asking this question for clarification. It is my understanding that the Lasermax comes with its own recoil spriing. If so, does anyone know if one can substitute the Lasermax spring with a Wolff one (say, 20 or 22 lb.), since it is so popular with this gun?

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I think it is less about the spring and more in replacing the guide rod. What pound rating comes with the lasermax?
as far as i understand it, its not just the guide rod....it would be a whole thing like the OEM guide rod...i could be mistaken, though.

as far as poundage, I was never able to find anything, but my guess would be 18
I think my first post was a little vague. People seem to be more interested in replacing their OEM guide rod with a Don's guide rod. The Wolff spring just tends to be part of the package. :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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