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Put my BarSto XD Tactical barrel in my Service

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I decided to see if my BarSto 9mm tactical barrel would fit and function in my XD9 Service. It did, and does. Fit is very tight and about 1" of barrel protrudes out of the front of the slide.

Shot it at the range today at 25 yards. I fired 5 rounds using a right hand baracade postion. They all hit about 3.5" high and 1.5" left of the aiming point. Assuming this was caused by my baracade postion, I fired ten more rounds seated at a table using my shooting bag as a rest. When I checked the target, I had a tight cluster of 13 hits plus two fliers. I brought the target home, and the cluster measured 1.75" center to center. I thought 13/15 shots into 1.75" at 25 yards (measured distance) was pretty good. I think the BarSto barrel shoots better out of my Service than it does out of the Tactical. It appears the point of impact is a little high and left of the point hit when using the factory barrel.

The load was a my standard practice load. Mixed brass. Winchester small pistol primers and 4.2 grains Bullseye. Bullets were 115 grain FMJ and were a mix of Remington and Montana Gold.

Thought others with custom barrels in their Tacticals might be interested in trying this.
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