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Since I sold my PS90 and FsN pistol, I decided to put up my remaining ammo and accessories for these fine weapons.

SS195 is being sold for $25.92 on this site...I'm asking $23 a box...I had some of this ammo removed from the boxes and placed in the PS90 mags.
(27) in boxes and the remaining 300rds are loose...a total of 33 boxes9 boxes remaining

SS197 sold

SS196 (2) boxes $19/box

FNH PS90 case collector $46 on this site
I am asking $40..seldom used.sold

Custom vest in multicam made b TheVestGuy for me...the vest will hold (2)PS90 mags along with (2) FiveSeven pistol mags and has a holster for FiveSeven pistol.
http://thevestguy.com/product.asp?id=10141 $125
I am asking $100

Custom shoulder magazine pouch that will hold (2) PS90 and (2)FiveSeven magazines...site price $43
My price $35

Tactical Tailor PS90 molle pouch that holds (1) mag in coyote brown.

I have over 1,000 brass cases of 5.7x28mm to sell as well. Looking for $110 for all of it.

NIB Lee 5.7x28mm dies...these are custom dies from LEE and are the best dies to reload 5.7 (I know it's surprising, but the LEE dies are the best). $40

ETA: FNH 50rd mags...most are NIB, some are open and not used. $30 per mag...(15) mags
13 mags remaining

AR57 50rd mags...these are as good as the factory FNH mags...these are not the junk ATI mags. Most are NIB...some are opened and not used. $25 per mag. (18) mags

Shipping is extra if I must ship the ammo and mags. If you buy multiples, I'll cut you a break on price.

ETA again...I have a bunch of bullets if you are a reloader...Barnes grenade I think they are 36gr bullets in the 250 pack...along with other bullets.
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