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Problems feeding

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I've put a little over 600 rounds of CCI Blazer through my XD9 Service. I've had failure to feed every time I goto the range, about ever 200 rounds. At first I thought it wasn't broken in well now I think it's the cheapo ammo.

The slide comes foward but doesn't snap in place, I just have to give it a little bump. The bullet casing is sitting on the feed ramp of the barrel and the bullet is almost hidden from view in the barrel. It is almost in there. Besides that I have had no problems. Any suggestions beside changing ammo? I've read about polishing this ramp but I'm afraid to try.

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I would think that at 600 rounds that the slide is loose enough it is moving freely, so looking for other sources of friction makes sense. In no particluar order you could try the following:

I have a bit of suspicion that the aluminum cases don't slide as smooth as brass, so simply changing ammo may fix it.

Polishing the feed ramp is not a difficult or dangerous thing to do. I used 400 grit wrapped around a shell casing and just took off the roughness. Use it wet so that the grit does not load up, then follow up with 600 grit. You are not changing any shape, just making it smooth.

It may be that the chamber is rough too, and catching on the case. I have never had to tinker with the chamber but others have. A felt bob with the Dremel is usually suggested, if you don't have a Dremel the same tool can be used in a normal drill motor. Polishing compounds or Flitz can be used.

I have noted on my HS2K/XD pistols that the factory spring assembly is just barely enough to counter the striker spring, so a heavier recoil spring may seat the slide more firmly. Even a 18# spring (stock weight) on an aftermarket guide rod seems to have more force in closing the slide. I don't like to suggest my guide rod in this forum since I profit from it (at least I get beer money for the weekends), but since you can by other brands I don't feel like I am just doing this for selfish marketing. I would think that any of the guide rod offerings should help.
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As Don suggested it could be the alumnium ammo. I"ve had issues with extraction rather than feeding. Grab a couple boxes of Winchester Whitebox, see how you come out.

Polishing the feed ramp also as Don mentioned would help, couldn't do any harm at least :wink:
You might also try a little more lubrication on the slide rails. I've had your problem on occasion, a little oil on the slide rails generally clears it up. Oh, and a good cleaning :)
Ditto on the aluminum ammo. Use a dremmel to polish the feed ramp. It's also a good idea to keep the direction of polishing up and down the ramp - not side to side.
I have concerns over the Blazer aluminum casings as well. I've put over 400 rounds of WWB and REmington through my XD-9 without a hitch. Went to range last night where I had to use their ammo and it was Blazer. I got my first ever FTF. The casings don't seem to slide as smoothly. Even loading the mag seems harder.
Blazer is the only ammo I've had failures with... it sounds almost like the same problem you are having. The slide would sit slightly back... I could fix it by pulling the slide back a touch further, and it would feed the round into the chamber. I shot 100 rounds of it, had maybe 8-10 failures to feed, and that was enough for me. I've avoided it since, and have not had a single problem with anything else.
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