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Pro-Mag 32 rd mags worth a #$%@???

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hey folks...

browsing some gun parts and accessories led me to find out about 32 round mags produced by Pro-Mag. anyone have any experience with them? if so...how'd they hold up? would anyone recommend them?

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good question...

i wanna know if its a good thing or not. if not a good thing, i'll go back to the shop i buy from and spread the word..."don't recommend."

however...if it's got a good rep...i know people will buy it if you offer it for sale. thus...if it's good, i'll spread THAT word.

i'm trying to find out if what i'm seeing is decent.
Bought a Pro-mag for my Ruger and it wegded itself in the mag well. I had to take a dowel and drive it out with a hammer from the top. I recomend NOT buying it. The only good product from promag is their little mag loading tool. :?
i appreciate your info. the lack of positive responses show me that i'm better off avoiding this product.

thanks again.

but i'll try it out and see. just in case its my diamond in the rough i've been looking for. ;-)
well...i took the plunge and bought one of these mags. and i suppose i'm the lucky one, cause i've put 100 rounds through it...WWB...no problems yet.

went to the gun show in raleigh, nc today, and saw these at about 9am. decided to price check in a few other places...came back around 10, and they'd bumped the price up 10 bucks. :shock: !!! grr. but i resolved to MAKE it work. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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