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I have a set of NICE Pro Ears Muffs for sale.
Very comfortable hearing protection. Amazing sound amplification. You can hear lot's more sounds than you can with ears alone. I can hear turkeys gobbling on the back side of my property, which I would NEVER hear otherwise.
A neighbor of mine was hunting on the backside of my property one day with a friend.
I could hear their subdued conversation clearly and this was about 300-400 yards away.Very cool.
Excellent for shooting at noisy ranges while still being able to hear range commands and conversations better over loud ventilation systems.
Muffles loud noises too. (Gunshots)

Here's the company info:
Higher Noise Reduction Ratings
More comfortable ProForm Leather® ear cushions
ProTen® headband
Improved battery retention

* The clearest, most natural sound quality ever.
* Fastest 'Attack Time' - reacts / recovers in less than 2 milliseconds.
* Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC™) protects hearing without shutting off / down amplification system.
* Harmful noise levels are kept to within 70 dB while sounds below 70dB are amplified up to 8X Normal Hearing so every sound is heard even at great distances. Incredible 50dB of gain.
* World's only programmable units allowing user to change Gain sensitivity.
* The first unit in the world to have Automatic Gain Control (AGC™).
* Stereo for true directional sound detection.
* Independent Volume Controls. No connecting wires.
* Special Replaceable Ear Cushions for the ultimate in comfort.
* Padded, adjustable HeadBand.
* Modular Slim Line, Chop Side and Mag designs for easy carry.
* Available in black, white & green. (I have the green one's)
* 200 hours minimum battery life. Batteries included.
* Industry's only '5' Year Warranty.
* Proudly MADE IN THE USA.

I bought these brand new and have the original packaging.
Excellent Condition

These muffs sell for $250.00 or more!

Sell $175.00
Possibly trade for 9mm, .45 or 7.62x39 ammo (if you're in KS) or something interesting of equivalent value...?


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